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Our guides

Tibor fotkaTibor Hromádka

I was born on April 30, 1965 in Košice, Slovakia. The greater part of my life I lived in Spišska Nová Ves close to the Slovak Paradise and the High Tatras national parks. I became addicted on the drug called mountains as a teenager. My parents fortunately did not oppose to this even though they were never mountain junkies themselves. That has changed for my mom at the age of 68 when she got her first dose by climbing Gerlach (2655m) with a mountain guide she herself brought to this world. Mountains also offered me my life partner Danka and I gladly accepted. Besides doing climbing and ski tours together, we tried to improve the demographic of our beautiful Slovakia so now we live happily with Michaela and Tomáš under our beloved Tatra mountains in the village Štôla.

A few of my BEST:

The highest peak achieved - Cho Oyu (8201 m) - Himalaya

The hardest rocky route - The Nose on El Capitan Yosemite

The coldest night - emergency bivouac at 6500 m on Pik Lenina - Pamir

The closest moment to the decision to quit climbing - emergency bivouac on the Petit Dru (Alps), after climbing  American direttisima in the West face after indirect lightning - fortunately I survived and reviewed

The best ice route - The Weeping Wall (Rockie Mountains-Canada)

The closest moment to death - in a storm at free solo ascent West face of Lomnický štít peak

Paragliding craziest fly - from top of Jahňací štít peak (High Tatras)

The best skitouring traverse - Main ridge of Low Tatras

The best extreme skiing - Lomnický štít peak through Cmiter

The best school of life - guiding in New Zealand

The greatest love - My family

The most beautiful place in the world - High Tatras

Favorite activity - climbing, climbing, climbing .....

Member of Adventure Consultants team in New Zealand


Dana Hromádková Dana Hromádkova

I was born  30. 5. 1965 in Zlín. Certified mountain leader. I visited many areas around the world - USA, Caucasus, New Zealand, Scotland, Canada, Alps, Norway...                                                                     

My favorite activities - skiing, skitouring, mountaineering, hiking, traveling.


  Martin Kyrc

UIAGM mountain guide and ski instructor. I was born on 13 December 1978. My favorite activities include mainly work with people - climbing courses, ski mountaineering and avalanche courses. I like to help people, with no ambition to become a climber, climb on top of their dream. I look forward to you and also our joint tour of the surrounding mountains ...

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