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Terms and conditions

As the weather and its changes, avalanche situation, mental and physical disposition of clients can cause potentially endanger the safety of the movement in the mountainous terrain mountain guide reserves the right at any time during this activity change, or stop completely in order to protect life and health of people who guide. In this case, the guide choose another alternative program. Client who order any of the  TatraClimb programs is notified thereof and agrees.

Trip fee is payable on the day of the tour. If canceled after mutual agreement on a meeting place, it is the right of mountain guides TatraClimb  to get amount of 30 EUR, which covers the costs associated with the advent of meeting. If trip already started and weather or conditions prevent to finish it client pays 50% of price. If this occurs after entry into the field where rope is already used client pays 100% of fee. If the tour could not be attended due to the client (for lack of fitness, poor health ...) full amount must be pay to TatraClimb guide.











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