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Team building service

Team building service
Duration: 1 - x days

A program for teams set in rough conditions of mountains. Walking through a cave, rock climbing, abseiling, mountain biking, and ascending a Tatras peaks. All of this under supervision of UIAGM certified mountain guides waits you in this program. Mountains will let you know each other better and gain common experiences which will help you to navigate through difficult situation arising during your teamwork.
Team building is experiential training model where through friendship, targeted activities, mutual cooperation and feedback analysis an efficient working team is built. Team building is the fastest and most effective way to induce the right attitude in the company, teams, managers and leaders. That will make people approach their work strategically and leap ahead of an average ,,hard working" stereotype. Groups and individuals may focus on a range of aspects which need to be strengthen, improved or put in sync so that groups, as well as individuals, can reach new, higher level in their professional, but also private life. Through team building individuals learn to break out of their sense of limitations to achieve new level in personal and professional life, eliminate obstacles inhibiting their growth, enhance their leadership and communication skills, develop new talent for problem solving and increase mutual trust. Team becomes compact, and the attitude "I'm not sure" becomes "I am able to!" Team members get to know each other in crisis situations. This experience puts participants into harsh conditions and uncertainty of natural environment. It also combines physical, mental and emotional tests outside the boundaries of everyday life. Participants are in an unknown context, placed into position where they must overcome their fears, their limitations and a number of real barriers.




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