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Peak ascents

Peak ascents
Duration: 1 day

 If you have already ran out of marked trails in the Tatras and would like to try to ascend one of the unmarked peaks, do not hesitate to book this program. UIAGM certified professional mountain guide will make sure that you can enjoy this extraordinary experience to the fullest.

You can choose from our "menu" but there is no limit to your imagination and if you're the adventurous type, just take the map and randomly pick a spot. Chance may take you to an extraordinary place.
The most popular peaks:
Gerlachovský štít, Lomnický štít, Ľadový štít, Vysoká, Ganek, Bradavica, Satan, Pyšný štít, Kežmarský štít, Končistá, Baranie rohy, Prostredný hrot...
Secret tips:
Mengusovský štít, Krátka, Ostrá, Javorový štít, Čierný štít, Kolový štít, Mlynár, Zlobivá...



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