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Ice climbing course Chata pri Zelenom plese - information

Program of the course :


Meeting on Zamkovského chata cottage ( approx. 17:00 ) - accommodation

Lecture - climbing gear and equipment and its use, hiking equipment, technical tips


Practicing techniques of climbing and abseiling ice, building belay station, mounting security points


Practical exercises - climbing ice, evaluation

Leaving home (about 16:00 )

Required equipment:

Crampons, 2 x special iceaxe to climb ice, climbing helmet , backpack ( 40 to 50 L, the possibility of mounting iceaxes ), headlamp + extra batteries, a first aid kit ,vacuum flask ( 1 L min ), googles and sunglasses, appropriate clothing (thermal underwear, pants, fleece shirt, Windstoper jacket , goretex pants and jacket, down or Primaloft jacket or vest , gloves , socks ) + spare gloves and helmet

Optional equipment:

Sunscree, notebook + pen, slippers to hut, energy bars, camera ...

Equipment is possible
to rent by agreement!


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