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Canadian triathlon

April is the month when winter passes its reign to spring and nature is starting to wake up. It is ideal time for doing several vastly different activities in nature. It is possible to go on ski tours, climb ice or rock. And when you can do all of that in Canada, it is multiplied by beautiful nature and infinite possibilities which this large, mountain-filled country offers.
We were lucky enough to spend a full month of spring in Canada this year. After necessary things like preparations, purchase of flight tickets and packing we finally boarded a plane and started our journey for adventure. Weather was not making it easy for us but despite that we managed to do several interesting tours in between periods of rain and snow. We were in Rogers pass which is synonymous for fantastic ski touring in Canada. Large amount of time we spent in Rockies, as the locals call Rockie Mountains. This area is for real ski touring enthusiasts who can wait for the right conditions and can also handle intricacies of glaciers. A bonus in the Rockies is the possibility to stretch your back after a tough ski tour to one of surrounding Icefied Parkway summits by climbing one of numerous ices, several hundreds of meters high. When you factor in rocky areas like Skaha, Spillimacheen or Begbie Bluffs which were interleaving snowy-icy parts of our trip, it is no wonder we were going home absolutely satisfied, although exhausted too. Nineteen action filled days out of possible thirty is a very good score. The remaining days were for transports and rest forced upon us by the weather. We have to thank our friends and family for this long and adventurous journey. They were supporting us in every possible way - providing us with advice, place to sleep, car to ride, food to eat, taking us to and from airport, taking care of our children, and most importantly, they gave us their time, enthusiasm and a lot of energy. So, Miki, Katka, Stano, Ivan, Marienka, Dano, Tonka, Peťo, Lisa, Julie-Anne, Mark, Vlado, Monika, mom: THANK YOU!!! :-)))


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