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Račková dolina valley

Today we did ski tour to Račková dolina valley in Western Tatras. The original plan was to ascend Gáborove sedlo saddle (1938m) but thick fog in the last part of the valley wouldn't let us. Despite that we had a beautiful day in mountains in good company of friends.
From the mouth of Račková dolina valley (890m) we ascend on a comfortable wide path until signpost where Jamnická dolina valley is to the left. From there on yellow-marked path through Račková dolina valley. The trail is well beaten and we meet a lot of back country skiers. Weekend and Easter holidays are to blame. Mountaintops are hidden in clouds but we can see foundation of Klin (2173m) and picturesque Koliba pod Klinom cottage which is the place of our midday rest. We are accompanied by a cute little Alpine shrew. We improved his Easter holidays with a piece of bread which he could hardly get into his hideout. Further climb into Gaborova dolina valley was taking place in thick fog. At about 1800m we decide to go back. Diffused light is a very risky factor during downhill and even our exact location is not clear. After some rest we are getting ready for downhill. Skins are in the bag, boots tightened, skis on when suddenly the fog starts to clear and we can figure out our location. Saddle is slightly to the side and blown to the grass. We stand by our decision and take advantage of improved visibility for a safer downhill. Skiing conditions are not perfect but it is no catastrophe either. Well, decent. Incline of the valley is nice and except for the last part at valley's mouth where our tricepses get some exercise, the ride is pretty easy. We load our stuff into the car and are looking forward to a well deserved coffee.


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