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Three downhills around Sliezky dom

Yesterday we did a beautiful ski-tour in Slavkovska dolina valley with four German and one French clients. Traversing from Sliezky dom we got under Senna kopa hill and through valley we came under slope starting in Slavkovske sedlo col. Hardened snow, which is now mostly featured in Tatras forced us to use ski crampons and even with those turns in steep terrain required maximum concentration.
Lookout to Velka Studena dolina valley and on four highest peaks of Tatras was the cherry on top. At least we thought that, until we put on skis and did first turns of our downhill. Snow was hard but despite that it allowed for aggressive ride with sprays of snow. Excited by that experience we decided did another ride from Medvedie sedlo col which was even better than the previous. By 2pm we were already drinking coffee in Sliezky dom and since the day was far from over, we went out to finish ourselves by ascending Gulaty kopec hill. After reaching the summit in "Pierra Menta" style we skied the concrete-hard slope to hotel and were able to finally say that we really had enough.


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